What kind of construction jobs can Petrie Enterprise, Inc do?

At Petrie Enterprise, Inc, we pride ourselves on offering a complete service. We have the expertise and skills to manage your next home project. We specialize in home remodels and large additions. In addition, we take care of the excavations for both commercial and residential builds.

What can I expect when requesting a construction job with Petrie Enterprise, Inc?

Our construction staff has the expertise required to cover your commercial or residential needs. We’ll point you in the right direction and guide you to make suitable decisions before the project starts. We’ll also communicate with you during the entire process to keep you updated on the construction plans, providing you with a stress-free experience.

Do you provide free estimates or discounts?

We do provide free estimates. Remodeling and building projects can be overwhelming and represent a significant amount of investment. Our goal is to help reduce your costs and stress during your next construction project. Call us today at (541) 948-4848 to receive a free estimate and discuss project plans that will suit your needs and be affordable.

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