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Welcome to Petrie Enterprises, Inc., where our expertise in excavation services transforms the landscape of Bend, OR. With a track record of handling some of the largest projects in the area, including a monumental 60 ft retaining wall and managing 600 dump trucks of dirt, our experience speaks for itself.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Land Clearing and Site Preparation

Our land-clearing services set the foundation for successful project execution. We don’t just clear land; we prepare it with precision and care, ensuring your site is ready for any challenge. From vast open fields to intricate landscapes, our team handles every aspect of land clearing and site preparation with unmatched efficiency. As a leading land-clearing company in Bend, our methods are environmentally responsible and strategically planned for optimal results.

Expand your services to include Right of Way Work, catering to businesses requiring access through private or public lands for utility and construction. This essential service involves clearing paths for power lines, gas lines, and temporary access roads, ensuring safe passage for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. By offering Right of Way Work, you’ll facilitate crucial infrastructure projects, showcasing your commitment to supporting industry needs and enhancing business-to-business interactions.

Specialized Skills for Every Need

Grading, Trenching, and Utilities

Petrie Enterprises, Inc. offers more than just excavation. Our grading services ensure that your land is perfectly leveled and prepared for any construction or landscaping project. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, our grading services stand out in Bend. Moreover, our expertise in trenching and utility installation is unparalleled. As a trusted excavation contractor, we understand the intricacies of laying down utilities with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment, ensuring a seamless integration of infrastructure.

Petrie Enterprises, Inc. is not just an excavation contractor; we are your partner in transforming and preparing land for your visionary projects. Whether it’s land clearing, grading, or detailed excavation services, we bring our best to every task, big or small. Contact us to make your project in Bend, OR, a resounding success.

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