Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of construction jobs can Petrie Enterprise, Inc do?

At Petrie Enterprise, Inc, we pride ourselves on offering a complete service. We have the expertise and skills to manage your next home project. We specialize in home remodels and large additions. In addition, we take care of the excavations for both commercial and residential builds.

What can I expect when requesting a construction job with Petrie Enterprise, Inc?

Our construction staff has the expertise required to cover your commercial or residential needs. We’ll point you in the right direction and guide you to make suitable decisions before the project starts. We’ll also communicate with you during the entire process to keep you updated on the construction plans, providing you with a stress-free experience.

Do you provide free estimates or discounts?

We do provide free estimates. Remodeling and building projects can be overwhelming and represent a significant amount of investment. Our goal is to help reduce your costs and stress during your next construction project. Call us today at (541) 948-4848 to receive a free estimate and discuss project plans that will suit your needs and be affordable.

What sets your custom home construction for higher-end properties apart?

Our custom home construction for higher-end homes showcases exquisite craftsmanship, luxury materials, and personalized design, creating exclusive living spaces for those seeking the pinnacle of opulence.

Can you provide examples of your previous high-end custom home projects?

Explore our portfolio to see stunning examples of our high-end custom home projects, each a testament to elegance and sophistication. We take pride in delivering on the promise of “custom.”

Do you offer specialized design services for luxury homes?

Yes, our design team specializes in crafting unique and opulent interiors and exteriors tailored to the demands of high-end custom homes. Our goal is to make every element extraordinary.

What premium features and materials do you use in high-end custom home construction?

We use only the finest materials and incorporate premium features, ensuring every aspect of your high-end custom home reflects luxury and excellence. Quality is never compromised.

Are your builders and artisans experienced in working on luxury properties?

Our builders and artisans are experts in creating high-end custom homes, with a track record of delivering exceptional quality and attention to detail that discerning clients expect.

Can you provide references from satisfied clients of your luxury custom home projects?

We can connect you with delighted clients who have experienced the luxury and excellence of our custom home construction services. Their testimonials speak to our commitment to client satisfaction.

How do you maintain privacy and security during construction on high-end properties?

We understand the importance of privacy and security for our high-end clients and have measures in place to ensure a discreet and safe construction process that respects your sanctuary.

Can you assist in selecting premium fixtures and finishes for my luxury home?

Our experts can guide you in choosing the finest fixtures and finishes that align with the opulence of your high-end custom home, ensuring every detail is a masterpiece.

Do you collaborate with renowned architects and designers for high-end projects?

We have a network of top architects and designers who can collaborate to bring your vision to life for your luxury custom home, ensuring that it reflects your unique taste and style.

How do you ensure the project timeline for high-end custom homes is met without compromising quality?

We meticulously plan and manage high-end custom home projects to meet timelines while maintaining the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, delivering on our commitment to excellence.

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